With its Greco-Roman columns and Hollywood Art Deco bar, one cannot be indifferent to the decor of L'Ambroisie. The 16-foot-high ceilings, original wood floors and red brick walls characterize the iconic building built in 1882.

A restaurant during the week and an event hall on weekends, L'Ambroisie has a huge terrace that can seat up to 200 people. Nordic terrace packages are available with heat lamps, portable fireplaces and synthetic furs.

In the summer, the terrace is filled at lunchtime with clientele from the Château and the surrounding area. In the evening, groups enjoy BBQs with Chef on the terrace and Thursday happy hours with live music.

Adjacent to the dining room, the conference room hosts amateur associations on a weekly basis. Team meetings and training sessions are frequent during the day. The private room can accommodate up to 30 people seated, depending on the configuration.

The conference room is equipped with an audiovisual system with a control room, projector, giant screen, wireless microphone and stage. In the evening, the room becomes a dance floor if you choose a formula with our DJ service.

PRIVATE EVENTS : 60 to 100 guests, seated.


Don't hesitate to contact us for information on our rates and group menus.


Designed and renovated in 2013 by its Chef-owner, The Canal room is one of the most sought-after private venues in Montreal. Weddings, conferences, holiday parties, fundraisers and filming, the list of events is varied. Everything has been designed to maximize the client experience and minimize logistical concerns

The room is spacious and features a contemporary industrial style. It has large windows and a terrace, offering a surprising view of the Lachine Canal and the gardens of the Château St-Ambroise. The Canal room is a former foundry classified as a historical heritage site, and occupies most of the first floor of the building.

The dining room and terrace are each 3000 sq. ft.; the 6 access doors to the common areas ensure that circulation remains fluid. “Nordic Terrace” packages are available with heat lamps, portable fireplaces and synthetic furs.

Audiovisual facilities for conferences and dances are integrated with a multimedia control room: projectors, screens, wireless microphones, LED polychrome lights, indoor and outdoor speakers, DJ console and more. Podiums and lecterns are also available for your speakers and musicians.

The Canal is easily accessible to downtown Montreal: ample paid parking within the Château, 2 subway stations within a 10-minute walk, a Bixi station in front of the street side entrance and a bike path that runs along the canal.

PRIVATE EVENTS: 120 and 250 seated guests


Don't hesitate to contact us for information on our rates and group menus.



Our sales team works with your organizer to ensure that your event program goes according to plan.

Whether it's choosing a style of service or menu, preparing a quote, following up on custom requests, or providing instructions to our service and kitchen brigades, our team is there to help you achieve the event you envisioned.

A coordinator or supervisor is on hand the day of the event to oversee the logistics of outside vendors, the execution of the seating plan, adherence to the schedule, and technical support, if needed.

When you choose L'Ambroisie, you are choosing a trained team that can bounce back and adapt quickly. With our experience and know-how, you will be impressed by our ability to deal with the unexpected, no matter what the situation, so that you and your guests can enjoy the day to the fullest.


Chef has created several delicious group menus that will make your event unforgettable. Service options are numerous and include, for example: 5 or 7-course banquets, cocktail dinners, themed stations, BBQs and mechouis with Chef on the terrace, dessert tables and midnight snacks.

You will be able to choose from a wide selection of dishes, substitute items and even customize them if you wish. If your guests have any dietary restrictions or allergies, please let us know so that we can adapt the menu to their needs whenever possible.

In addition, our alcohol packages allow you to choose from several options, depending on your needs and budget. Our alcoholic beverages include: wine, private imports, beer, cocktails and spirits. If there is a signature wine or cocktail that is important to you but is not among the selection, don't hesitate to ask us.

Whether it's drinks and snacks for a small meeting or a banquet for a large event, L'Ambroisie offers flexible packages to suit your needs. If you have any questions for the Chef Owner, don't hesitate to ask! He is never far away.


Our meeting and conference spaces are fully equipped for your audiovisual needs. Our rooms are equipped with projectors, screens, speakers, microphones, and Internet access.

All equipment is plugged in and ready to use, from a control console, connected to the sound system, projectors, and lights.

For dance parties, ask about our DJ and MC services: our artists are regulars and know the facilities well. The agency will contact you to discuss your tastes and offer you the service you need.


Our turnkey customized packages make event planning a breeze. By browsing through our wide range of options and speaking with our consultants, you will find the package that suits you.

Contact us with your desired date and estimated number of guests and we will prepare a quote that is sure to fit your budget.


Don't hesitate to contact us for information on our rates and group menus.